IBCOM Kitchen Equipment

About Us

IBCOM is a full service designer, planner and fabricator of commercial kitchen equipment for more than a decade. Our professional services are specifically catered to food and beverage industry covering fast food outlets, specialty chain restaurants and the full gamut of hotel F&B outlets. Our process chain is comprehensive, starting from initial consultations, to the drawing board to fabrication, right up to set-up and beyond.


The synergy between our designers and the latest technology allows us to provide the best service to our clients. From consultation to design development – our professional designers are highly experienced in developing all kinds of kitchen layouts – prioritizing the efficiencey, functionality, and safety of the kitchen.

We have former chefs to help us provide consultation and recommendations to build a systematic workflow and ensuring workability in the kitchen. Our designers recommend the best and highest quality of equipment to allow our clients to have an excellent kitchen and pleasant business investment.

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